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Vaccine Capacity & Distribution Planning App

While our Federal, State and Local leaders and trusted institutions are working on establishing the systems necessary to execute the vaccine rollout, we have been building a platform to plan vaccination efforts days, weeks and months ahead across hundreds of granular drivers and scenarios.

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What is Vaccine Planning on Anaplan and why did we build it?

The COVID-19 pandemic response demands real-time updates from multiple contributors and consumers. Anavate Partners, in conjunction with Anaplan and multiple Fortune 50 companies, has developed a rapid response vaccine capacity and distribution planning and modeling platform that can quickly respond to changing demands.

Vaccine Capacity Planning - built on the Anaplan platform - is a rapidly scalable application to estimate, forecast and produce a pipeline of information about all the people, resources, and costs involved in administering COVID-19 vaccines including tracking and analyzing the actual results and variances in real-time. Used by State and Local governments, private healthcare organizations, staffing companies, pharmaceutical companies and other organizations, it helps coordinate, collaborate, and give visibility to the end-to-end vaccine sourcing, distribution and delivery cycle.


Why is it Important to governments and authorities?

During this difficult year, government authorities have stepped up to the plate to manage response to the pandemic, address public health concerns and establish trust and reassurance with constituents. Vaccination is the next leap in effectively beating the virus. Once your Vaccine Capacity Planning system is up and running, it allows you to engage in a number of mission-critical activities, including:

  • Estimate and forecast vaccination quantities at different sites and locations across a City, County, Tribe or State, command and allocate resources accordingly across complex assumptions and drivers
  • Alerts for expected capacity breeches, before they happen, in things like consumable resources (vaccine kits, PPE), human resources (based on demand pipeline, numbers of staff needed), and storage facilities
  • Report real-time cost, budget and efficiency information to leadership or business unit leaders
  • Adapt to rapidly changing financial, operational, legal and other requirements and make changes to the Vaccine Capacity Planning process and tool in a matter of hours
  • Conduct your own ‘what-if’ scenarios to prepare and adapt to changing inventory, supply-chain, and priority circumstances
  • Use the tool to compare and contrast third-party vendor or contractor selection and service-level performance targets

Whether your entity administers the vaccination sites or contracts to private industry, knowing what to expect across the entire workflow of vaccination will help with successful delivery.

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What is Anaplan? Connecting systems and taking on the messy middle at the intersection of hundreds of use cases:


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